- Having a hard time getting your brand new drum set in tune?
- Tired of sound engineers complaining and asking you to muffle your drums?
- Never fully satisfied with the sound of your drums?

You're on the right page then, keep reading!

DRUM TUNING DEMYSTIFIED is a full online streaming course that's designed exactly to give you all the tools necessary to create a solid and repeatable tuning procedure for every drum of the set, as well as a deep understanding of the physics implied in the different aspects of shell construction, and how they affect the overall sound of the drums, so that you can choose the best gear for the gig.


Find out why this is the right course for you:

Course Curriculum - Tot. 1h 4m of footage.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Fede Paulovich

I’m a live/session drummer, clinician, and teacher from Milan, Italy, with more than 18 years of experience as a professional musician. I’ve toured all over the world with my band Destrage as well as a solo performer, playing several international drum festivals and clinic tours. 

I’ve been drumming for legendary singer Paul DiAnno and the Saturday Night Live TV show, and I’ve played with a great variety of artists, recorded dozens of albums and taught hundreds of students in almost two decades of teaching career. 

Highly demanded, hard-working professional, but most of all, real drum passionate, since 1994.

A few words from the pros:

Not convinced yet? It’s hard to condense my expertise in just a few lines, but maybe you wanna check out what my good friends and colleagues have to say about what I do:
Dave Elitch

“Federico and I have known each other for nearly 15 years now. Not only is he a dear friend but he’s one of the most technically proficient players around, as well as a fantastic teacher - neither of those things do I say lightly.”

Chris Coleman

"One of my favourite drummers, more so my friend...Fedi is well rounded. He can play many aspects of Drumming & Musical situations. His (understanding) is what sets him apart...

hahaha...he’s like Pandora’s Box "

Matt Halpern

"Fede is a mind-blowing drummer. It’s rare to find a drummer who literally has it all. He’s got feel, he’s got a great sense of groove, he’s got power, he’s got speed, he’s incredibly creative, and he’s extremely knowledgeable. It’s so obvious that drumming is his life because his passion and dedication shine through every note he plays. 

He’s a monster!"

Curious to see what’s inside?

I’m quite obsessed with quality, so I really wanted to work with the best professionals to ensure you the highest level of both audio and video.

See it for yourself: check out this short series of excerpts from the various lessons in the course!


When should I expect to receive the course?
This is not a physical product so you won’t have to wait for it to be delivered in your regular mail box! 
It’s an ONLINE COURSE so you will have INSTANT ACCESS to all the videos right after the purchase.

Can I download the videos?
The videos are hosted on Teachable so you can only watch them online, it’s the only way for me to provide
subtitles in 5 languages. But you can download the pdfs!

Is this course suitable for drummers of any level?
YES! The course contains information that will be surely useful for drummers of all levels.
Whether you are a seasoned drummer looking for some in-depth knowledge to refine your tuning system
or a beginner that has never tuned a single drum, this course is for you!

So here’s a recap of what you’ll get:

  • 6 video lessons for a total of 1h 4min
  • Downloadable PDFs with a recap of the most important concepts
  • Subtitles in 2 languages: ENG - ITA
  • Free updates of the course
  • One-time payment, lifetime access 
  • Instant access to all the material: watch it as many times as you want
  • Email customer service

My best offer: get the most value

Putting together this course has been an INSANE amount of work, effort, and dedication.
My goal was to deliver the best educational product I could possibly create, condensing what I believe are the most important concepts that I've developed in 25 years of experience, tests, and countless experiments.

Drum Tuning Demystified is truly your shortcut to the sound you've always been looking for, and that took me decades of practice and thousands of dollars spent on gear (I've done all this so that you don't have to!) to be finally mastered. But since my mission is to get this information out to as many drummers as possible, you can now have access to all this for ONLY $59!!!

Easy Secure Payment

I buy myself a bunch of stuff online and I know how important it is to grant safety when making transactions.

This is one of the reasons why I chose Teachable as platform for my courses.